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Product Guidelines For Artists When Uploading

As many artists join us on our platform, they seek knowledge on how to us it to promote their products. Up till now, we have done this kind f information exchange over phone, but there is now a need for a centralized knowlegebase that can be consulted online. This reduces the burden on us manning the phones, as well as provides us with an easy source of answers that we can point our artists to.

Phone support will still be available to everyone.


These guidelines are here to help artists while they are uploading products. It makes it easy for the reviewer to approve products if these guidelines are complied with.

  • Have A Product Title: Although a product can be uploaded without a title, we will not approve such a product. So, please fill the title field. Even writing ‘Untitled’ will do.
  • Product Description: It is the proper description field of the product and it needs some text in it. We can improvise and do it for you but we need some kind of indication on what the product actually is.
  • Product Short Description: This is what shows in the Quickview mode alongwith product photos. Any kind of text would do but the favourite is the size of the product.
  • Featured Photo: What shows up on the main site page. You can upload photos here. There is however a 2mb limit per photo
  • Gallery: Other photos for the product go here. They will be shown after the featured photo. This is optional.
  • Keep in mind that photos are the only way you can showcase your products here so there are  few specific guidelines here for them.
    • Take care of lighting when taking your photos. Direct lighting can be too harsh looking.
    • Avoid reflections. They can seriously mess up the look of your products.
    • Make sure that product photos are not tilted in front view. It makes the product look unprofessional.
    • Do not use ‘Shot by’ or ‘Taken using’ type of watermarks. You can use your social media handles or your name as watermarks though.
  • Do not worry about taxation. Currently we are handling GST for the artists. We will notify them when the situation changes.
  • Keep an eye on the Inventory tab. Make sure to tick the Sold Individually checkbox if you have only one of the product (eg. painting)
  • In the Shipping tab you can set the product dimensions (in cm) and weight (in kg).

Our platform is generic enough to handle any kind of art, but if artists have any kind of issues, they can always contact us via phone or Social Media or even email for any kind of assistance.

Please keep in mind that the website is still under development and new features are slated to launch with the next big update. Therefore these guidelines are subject to change to keep up with the software. We will announce the next update on the blog as soon as it is ready.

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