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Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to Affiliate Terms

Now you can earn money by selling amazing artistic products. The more you sell the more you earn. You can do this becoming an affiliate marketer and promote handmade products wherever you want online.

It can be a blog post, a video, a social media post, chats or even forum posts. Just paste your personalized URL provided by us and direct prospective customers to us. Every sale made to a customer referred to us by you earns you a commission. So register with us today as an affiliate and start earning.


Once you are registered with us as an affiliate, you will get a dashboard where you can request a personal URL (website address) for any product that you want to promote. This URL is unique to you. This ensures that we know that the customer was referred by you.

Once the customer adds a product to the cart and buys it we can then know that a sale was made using your referral and you have earned the commission. It does not matter that the customer did not buy anything right away or even that exact product.

If the customer comes to our site from you and buys anything within 48 hours of clicking your link you will still get a commission from the sale. If they buy multiple products in the time limit you get multiple commissions.

PS: It is good practice to disclose affiliate membership to your readers or viewers to prevent accusations of collusion.

The affiliate commission for any product is 2% of the sales price.

With this method you do not need an online store or even a product of your own. The only thing that you have to worry about is making quality content to attract buyers.

The store still adding new features and products. As all the systems are still being worked on the order processing will be slow. This is a temporary condition thankfully so please be patient while we get everything ready. Thank you.