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Buy Art, Craftwork and Handlooms from Artists all over India

The Platform for Handmade Products from India

India is a ancient country of traditions and creativity. For eons, artists, craftsmen and weavers have created veritable works of beauty. We bring this to you in an easy to use platform so that you can look at them, apprise them to your heart’s content and buy them if they suit your fancy. So take your time. Look around. And do not forget to let us know if you a liking to something.


All our products are hand made by talented artists, craftsmen and weavers.

Quality Assured

Every one of our offerings is guaranteed to be of the best quality possible.

Direct Selling

We source our product direct from artists, craftsmen and weavers.

Great Service

Customer satisfaction is our greatest goal.

Best Prices

Our prices are the most competitive in the market.

Easy to Use

Find products and buy them easily with our platform.

Support Indian artists, craftsmen and weavers. Buy Now.



Dokra Metal Craft

An ancient art of casting handmade decor and household items.

Resin Craft

Resin can be used for creating beautiful works of art like boxes, household items etc.


Cutting flat material like paper, plastic etc and gluing together to create beautiful artwork


Abstract Paintings

It makes you think what the world is


A versatile colour to paint with

Oil Colours

Traditional and beautiful

Water Colours

Skill and speed makes an imaginative work


Traditional art on fabric using natural colours


A tribal art of the Saura tribe using stick figures


Painting and carving on palm leaves


A way to be one with the universe



Painted on handloom saree by hand


Woven on handlooms at the village of Bomkai


Woven with care at the village of Chanderi


Woven by tribal hands at Kotpad


Cotton and silk Sambalpuri sarees


Fine woven sarees from Venkatagiri


A creation of the weavers at Begumpur, Delhi


Made with love from Maheshwar


A double ikkat creation from Patola, Gujarat


A saree from Bhagalpur, Bihar

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Helpful Staff
Staff is always polite and helpful. The set up my shipping and payments are always on time. Product guidelines are a little stict though.

Dasharath Manki


Better than Before
I bought a dokra piece before they started listing handlooms. The service was good but a little sloppy. I bought a saree now and the difference is amazing. They improved a great deal.

Subha Raj

HR Consultant

Happy With Service
I ordered a painting not listed on site, so they contacted artists and commissioned one for myself. There were regular updates and delivery was painless too. Had to pay a premium though.

Ravi B.


Good Sources
I bought 5 handicraft pieces and all are of good quality and sturdy. As far as i can say all are genuine pieces and I am very satisfied. I will buy more from here.

Marinne T.


Prompt and Transparent
Bought a saree and the company rep called me. Kept me updated on all developments. Very good service. Recommended to mother-in-law.

Archana Ghatke

IT Consultant

Happy With Service
Had a handloom piece damaged during shipping. Sent a replacement promptly. Only charged for shipping.

K. M. Puri

PR Manager

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The store still adding new features and products. As all the systems are still being worked on the order processing will be slow. This is a temporary condition thankfully so please be patient while we get everything ready. Thank you.